Merry and Bright

Christmas for me was always about family. I grew up with a much older sister and brother who had both left home when I was 7 and I missed them chronically.  My favourite thing about Christmas was that they (and their partners) would all stay at the farm on Christmas Eve and that’s when the magic began.

I remember lying in bed and listening to them in the kitchen, chatting and laughing, the music would be playing and it felt special. The memory of that feeling has never really left me, it’s a sweet nostalgia that comes back to me each Christmas at the farm.

I’m a sentimental soul and my love of jewellery began in that way. For my 16th birthday my mum gave me a silver bracelet which triggered a collection that now has now reached 20 bangles that I wear each and every day.

I think jewellery has a way of holding feelings, moments and memories. My collection triggers so many memories and emotions, a couple of my bangles were gifts from people long since gone and wearing it holds them close to me.

At the very least jewellery should be something that makes you smile and brings you a little joy. After all isn’t that what it’s all about?

Whatever the holidays bring, I wish you a beautiful festive season.