How Louella Jewellery went plastic-free

Plastic use is such a big issue right now it is on many business owners’ minds, how we can reduce our plastic consumption; personally, and as a business. This is quite a tricky issue for many small businesses as packaging and sometimes materials themselves, can be so much cheaper and easier to source if they are made of plastic!

I made the conscious decision to go plastic free with my business as far as possible and these are the measures I have taken so far.

·         My work is now sent out in the post in cardboard boxes placed with tissue paper, both of which can be recycled. I use white paper tape which can also be thrown in with your paper recycling.

·         New business cards and postcards will not be coated with plastic and where possible will be printed on recycled paper.

·         I am now requesting that my suppliers send my gemstones in paper envelopes rather than plastic bags. if I am supplied with plastic bags, they are kept and reused again and again.

·         I am currently looking for an alternative to the sponges in my jewellery boxes as they are not currently recyclable.

I am always looking for eco friendly alternatives and have found some great solutions so far. I see it as a journey and eventually hope to be 100% plastic free!