All about rubies

The word ruby comes from the Latin "rubens" which means red.

Rubies are made of corundum. Corundum comes in many other colors, but the other colours are all classified as sapphires! Ruby gets its red coloring from trace amounts of chromium within the corundum. Ruby is a very hard stone, measuring 9 on the MOHS scale, the same a sapphire and only beaten by diamonds. This is one of the reason that they are considered to be one of only 4 precious gemstones, the others being sapphires, diamonds and emeralds.


Rubies symbolize power and protection. When worn as a talisman, ruby was believed to help protect warriors in battle. Even Dorothy had ruby slippers in the Wizard of Oz!


So you can see, rubies are not just the gorgeous red/pink stones we love for their beauty. They are so much more! So next time you’re choosing a piece of jewellery why not have a look for my one off, raw ruby pieces or commission me to make a design featuring ruby, for strength, power and protection. We could all do with a little of that!